New Jersey Urgent Care For Allergies From Coastal Urgent Care

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If you’re dealing with symptoms of seasonal allergies, Coastal Urgent Care’s compassionate treatment can help. We provide easy access to quality treatments long after your doctor’s office has closed.

Allergy Treatment At Coastal Urgent Care

At Coastal Urgent Care, patients receive high-quality medical care for moderate to severe seasonal allergies. If you’ve spent time outdoors and are experiencing common symptoms like watery eyes, sneezing or runny nose, your allergies may be acting up. Come to Coastal Urgent Care for treatment of seasonal allergy symptoms.

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies are usually triggered by exposure to mold or to pollen from trees, grass and weeds. Since weather plays a big role in plant pollination, symptoms can start any time of the year if your local climate is mild or rainy. If over-the-counter remedies aren’t helping or your symptoms increase in severity, Coastal Urgent Care can provide medical assistance.

Allergy Symptoms And Urgent Care

If your primary physician’s office is closed, urgent care treatment for moderate seasonal allergy symptoms can help you stay comfortable until you can see your doctor. It’s also less expensive than the emergency room and offers a calm environment while you wait.

What To Expect

Once you arrive, you’ll fill out paperwork and see one of our physicians or physician’s assistants. Your Coastal Urgent Care medical professional will discuss your symptoms and may offer you seasonal allergy treatments to make you more comfortable. You can always call ahead to discuss whether any specific treatments are available.

Contact Us

Coastal Urgent Care can provide help for your seasonal allergies and other medical needs. You can find us in the Kmart Shopping Plaza at 1825 Route 35 in Wall, NJ. Visit our website to view all the services we offer at Coastal Urgent Care.