Urgent Care For Colds And Sinus Congestion

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Nasal congestion and sinus pressure can be more than just an uncomfortable annoyance — it can be a painful indication of an underlying problem like the common cold, allergies, flu or sinus infection. If you’re suffering from severe congestion for more than a few days, it’s important to seek treatment to ensure your condition doesn’t worsen. At Coastal Urgent Care, we offer a wide range of services seven days a week, including treatment of acute illnesses and injuries. Whether you need urgent care for cold symptoms or you’re fighting seasonal allergies, we can help.

What Is Nasal Congestion?

Commonly known as a stuffy nose, nasal congestion is often a symptom of another health problem such as a cold or sinus infection. Symptoms of nasal congestion include:

  • A stuffy or runny nose
  • Sinus pain and pressure
  • Swollen or inflamed nasal tissue
  • Mucus buildup

While mild congestion can be treated at home, if you experience congestion or sinus headaches for a long period of time, you may need medical treatment.

Causes Of Nasal Congestion

Minor illnesses are the most common causes of nasal congestion. Illness-related congestion usually improves within a week. Congestion lasting longer than a week is often a symptom of an underlying health issue. Seeking urgent care for a cold, the flu, sinus infections and allergies can help ease your symptoms and help you recover faster. Common causes of prolonged nasal congestion and sinus pain include:

  • Allergies
  • Hay fever
  • Chronic sinusitis (a long-lasting sinus infection)
  • Chemical exposure
  • Environmental irritants
  • A deviated septum
  • Nasal polyps

Nasal congestion sometimes occurs near the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. This is due to hormonal fluctuations and increased blood supply, which can cause nosebleeds and dry, inflamed nasal membranes.

When To See A Doctor

If congestion is painful and interfering with your everyday activities, it may be time to visit us at Coastal Urgent Care. Some conditions that require medical attention include:

  • Congestion lasting longer than 10 days
  • Congestion with a high fever lasting more than three days
  • Green nasal discharge, sinus pain and fever
  • Congestion due to asthma, emphysema, COPD or a weakened immune system

Severe congestion can be dangerous for infants and toddlers. It can interfere with infant feedings and may even lead to deadly breathing problems. Chronic congestion in infants and children can also impede normal speech and hearing development. If your infant or young child is suffering from nasal congestion, bring them in to see us as soon as possible. If you’ve suffered a recent head injury and are experiencing bloody nasal discharge or a constant flow of clear discharge, see a doctor right away or call 911.

Treatment For Congestion

Treatment for nasal congestion varies depending on its cause. Our experienced health care professionals will evaluate your symptoms and determine the best course of action to help you find relief. There are over-the-counter and prescription medications that can help alleviate or resolve your symptoms. Our health care providers may also recommend things you can do at home to alleviate congestion, like drinking lots of fluids, using a vaporizer or humidifier, propping yourself up on pillows and using a Neti Pot or nasal bulb syringe.

Medications that are commonly used to treat nasal congestion include:

  • Oral antihistamines
  • Over-the-counter or prescription-strength oral decongestants
  • Antihistamine nasal sprays
  • Nasal steroids available only by prescription
  • Antibiotics for sinus infections

If our doctors detect tumors or nasal polyps, we may recommend that you follow up with your family doctor or an ear, nose and throat specialist.

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