Wall Township, NJ, Drug Screening

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Keep your workplace drug-free and avoid the negative impacts of substance abuse users with pre-employment and random drug screenings. Our pre-employment screenings are typically given after a conditional offer of employment is made and before the employee starts working to prevent the introduction of drug use into your workforce. While random screenings help keep your workplace drug-free, at Coastal Urgent Care, we provide organizational programs that deliver accurate results.

Reasons For Drug Testing

Most employees aren’t required to test their employees for substance abuse both prior to and during employment. Pre-employment urine testing is typically required for federally regulated companies that hire individuals for dangerous or fully trained positions, like vehicle drivers, pilots and railroad employees.

Random or spot testing helps discourage drug use because the testing is done unannounced. Periodic testing is scheduled at the same time of each month or year, and post-accident testing is given to an individual anytime an accident happens. We offer all types of testing to help improve productivity and increase employee morale, as well as keep your company safe. By utilizing our drug testing, your company also remains in compliance with any state and federal regulations, and it helps you keep your health care and insurance costs down.

Quick Results

Whether you’re looking to fill a position in your organization quickly or you need answers to suspected drug use, we offer speedy results with each of our drug tests. Our rapid one-step test lets you test for multiple drugs and metabolites and gets results quickly so you can move forward with the hiring process.

Our urine testing is the only method approved for the federally mandated drug-screening process. One of our most popular drug-screen methods, the urine test is cost effective and highly consistent, and it makes it easier to screen for a larger variety of prescription and illicit medications.

We also provide oral testing, which helps reduce the likelihood of misread results. This method can be collected on-site, which is often a more acceptable method for larger corporations.


At Coastal Urgent Care, we are open extended hours, which makes it easier for employers to send employees after work. Conveniently located on Route 35 in Wall Township, our office also provides a variety of other services, including workers’ compensation injuries, so you can send all of your company patients to the same facility for treatment.

Our Expertise

By letting us handle your drug testing needs, we help simplify the process and make it easier to manage your drug test program. Our team of experts keeps you informed of changing regulations so you know what to look for when testing employees. Using only the most innovative technological products, we match your company with the most comprehensive drug screening process to meet the needs of your organization. We offer reliable, fast and comprehensive service for both your and your employee’s satisfaction.

Contact Us

Whether you’re considering adding drug screening to your recruitment process or looking for a random testing program for regular employees, Coastal Urgent Care can help. We’re conveniently located in Wall Township, New Jersey, and open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for your convenience. We accept most major insurance plans, which makes the facility affordable for both small businesses and larger corporations. Contact us at 732-280-2600 to schedule a company testing date or set up an account for organizational testing.