New Jersey Allergy Clinic Option For Seasonal Care

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When you’re affected by seasonal allergies and related upper respiratory infections, a visit to the Coastal Urgent Care center can help you breathe easier. Our seasonal care services include treatments for allergies and infections of the sinuses, ears, nose and throat. Our experienced medical practitioners carefully diagnose your condition and offer the appropriate treatments. We accept insurance from 16 major health care providers to help patients manage treatment costs.

Seasonal Allergies And Conditions

A variety of seasonal allergies may bring you to Coastal Urgent Care, and you’ll be treated by a compassionate, experienced medical professional when you arrive.

  • Seasonal allergies may include reactions to certain kinds of pollen, insect stings and rashes from contact with seasonal plants.
  • Symptoms such as swelling, sneezing, watery eyes, itchiness and trouble breathing may indicate a seasonal condition or allergy that require treatment.
  • Treatment may include things like the use of antihistamines, decongestants or prescription lotions; your medical professional will help determine which form of treatment is best for you.

Services We Offer

Our team at Coastal Urgent Care is here to treat acute illnesses and injuries. We treat common illnesses, such as the breathing issues that can stem from a severe allergy, and complicated medical conditions, such as fractures and infected wounds. Sports and employment physicals are also offered for patients in need of that type of documentation for a third party.

The Caring Professionals At Coastal Urgent Care

Experience and compassion are the hallmarks of the team at this facility. Our team of medical professionals includes:

  • John Donadeo: Dr. Donadeo has 17 years of experience in emergency medicine and has worked at mulitple local hospitals.
  • Sal Pepe: Dr. Pepe, like Dr. Donadeo, has 17 years experience in emergency medicine.
  • Donn Hoosack, PA-C: Donn Hoosack brings 12 years of experience as an Emergency Room Physician’s Assistant to the care of each patient.

Contact Our Allergy Staff Today

Coastal Urgent Care is open seven days a week and offers full range of medical services. When your seasonal allergies are out of control, give us a call at (732) 280-2600 or stop by our facility on Route 35 in Wall Township, NJ, during our regular business hours.