Seasonal Wellness Tips

Here are some reminders on how to stay healthy all year long in Monmouth County, New Jersey.


With the arrival of cold and flu season, staying healthy can be a challenge. Remember to wash your hands frequently and boost your immune system as much as possible with a flu shot and plenty of nutritious foods. Additionally, be sure to dress appropriately for the weather to avoid the onset of hypothermia and frost bite. If it’s too frigid to venture outdoors, stay active by doing indoor body-weight exercises.


If you’re sensitive to allergens, make sure your heating and cooling systems are serviced and cleaned. It also helps to avoid windy-day activities, and, if necessary, wear a face mask while mowing the lawn or doing work in the garden. Familiarize yourself with what tends to irritate you the most – whether it’s pollen particles or indoor dust and mold – and then take steps to minimize contact with the irritant. For a natural allergy treatment method, consider saline nasal rinses, which gently rinse allergens from the nasal and sinus passages.


When you’re spending time along the Jersey shore in the summer, always stay aware of safety warnings posted at the beaches, such as rip current advisories. Only swim in the ocean if a lifeguard is present, and if a thunderstorm rolls in, exit the water immediately. Additionally, be mindful of bees and other insects – as they can cause allergic reactions – as well as bites and stings from marine life, like jelly fish and crabs. And whether you’re at the beach or not, it’s critical to wear sunscreen daily and stay hydrated at all times as the temperatures climb.


Be sure to take advantage of the plentiful harvests and stock up on fall favorites for healthy, wholesome meals. As you prepare for winter, make sure both your home and your body are ready for chilly weather. We recommend moisturizing your skin often and supplementing with vitamin D as natural daylight diminishes.

No matter what season it is, Coastal Urgent Care is available seven days a week with comprehensive services and highly qualified physicians. If you need prompt relief, visit us at 1825 Route 35 in Wall Township or contact us today with any seasonal wellness questions.