Sports Physical

In the United States, millions of children, teens and adults undergo pre-participation sports physicals every year. There are a host of legal and healthcare reasons why these sports physicals are performed but few people actually understand what is actually being measured and tested during these procedures. Here is a quick rundown on what the doctors and other healthcare professionals are looking for:

  • Medical history – A thorough and complete medical history will detail every pulmonary problem from the average allergy to asthma. Similarly, other ailments such as heart and circulatory problems, rehabilitated broken bones and other physical afflictions can be identified and assessed as to whether they can be potential problems in the future. In short, a medical history aims to proactively allowing any further damage due to the intense physical activity of a sport
  • Current health issues – After the medical history is taken, the physician will make an assessment of the current physical condition of the individual. Various tests are conducted to measure such things as blood pressure and resting pulse rate, check the health of the athlete’s heart, lungs and abdomen as well as joint flexibility and strength. The physician will also check your ears, nose, throat, posture, and vision.
  • Medications – There are all sorts of medications where vigorous physical activity is contraindicated. These chemicals can include anything from simple diuretics to the commonplace bronchodilators used by a large portion of the population to more esoteric drugs such as digitalis and beta blockers. The physician will make recommendations as to when and where these drugs should be used – before, during or after a physical workout.

Sports physicals are fairly routine, but they do fill an important place in the healthcare field. It is much better for an athlete to be proactive about their exercise or sports regimen than to have to deal with a medical problem after the fact.

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