Urgent Care Stitches

gloved hands holding stitching tools and thread

When lacerations, wounds, or other injuries require stitches, visit our board-certified physicians at Coastal Urgent Care in Wall, NJ. We see patients of all ages, so whether your child got cut while playing or you injured yourself at work, when you need stitches, you’ll get treatment right away. Our fast, professional medical service provides same-day treatment for injuries that aren’t life-threatening when you don’t want to wait to see your family doctor or stand in line at the emergency room. Our walk-in urgent care facility is equipped to handle minor to moderate injuries, including swift response to wounds that require stitches.

When Cuts Require Stitches

No matter how careful we are, scrapes and cuts happen. When a cut is more severe than a paper cut but still very shallow, wash it with soap and water to prevent infection and apply pressure to stop bleeding. If the wound has smooth edges and stays together during normal movement, it’s unlikely you need stitches or professional treatment. However, your wound may require care if:

  • You have a deep injury on your hand or finger
  • Your cut is deeper than a quarter of an inch
  • Your cut is gaping wide enough you can’t get the edges together
  • Your cut is over a joint
  • You cut yourself on a dirty or rusty object
  • Your cut has ragged edges or debris in it
  • Your cut shows signs of infection
  • Fat, muscle, or bone is visible in the wound
  • Your cut is near your eye
  • Your wound is still bleeding after several minutes of applied pressure
  • You have cosmetic concerns about the cut leaving a scar

If you’re ever uncertain whether a cut requires stitches or other medical care, come to our walk-in clinic to see one of our highly trained doctors. Our staff can assess the severity of your wound and help you minimize the risk of infection and other complications.

Why Stitches Are Important

While you might cringe at the thought of getting stitches, they’re very important. Stitches stop the bleeding, provide strength and support while your skin closes up, lower your chance of infection, promote healing, and minimize scarring. For some wounds, you may also require a tetanus shot, especially if the object you cut yourself on was rusty, dirty, or pointed and went deeply into your skin. You should also seek urgent care if the wound was created due to an animal or a human bite, which poses other health risks. Always seek medical care if your wound bleeds profusely enough to soak through a bandage, keeps bleeding for an extended period of time, or spurts blood.

Stitching Process

Once we determine you need stitches, we first clean and numb the area. The doctor then takes a closer look to ensure no foreign objects remain in the wound that could cause further injury or infection. Your doctor pulls the edges of the cut together and stitches the wound with surgical thread. Depending on the severity of your wound, your stitches will need to remain in place anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Never remove your own stitches. We must recheck the wound to ensure it’s healing properly and make sure there aren’t any signs of infection. For deeper cuts, we may use surgical thread that dissolves on its own and won’t require physical removal. We provide detailed instructions on how to care for your wound while healing and after the stitches are removed to help minimize scarring.

Advantages Of Urgent Care

Urgent care clinics offer quick, affordable treatment without the inconvenience of waiting for the next available appointment with your family doctor or in a crowded emergency room with what’s likely considered a non-priority wound. Receive immediate care and other advantages at our walk-in urgent care clinic, including:

  • More comprehensive service than you receive from family doctors
  • Immediate medical care for non-life-threatening injuries
  • Less wait time than an emergency room that takes patients based on severity
  • No appointments necessary
  • Flexible hours with evening and weekend care available
  • More affordable than an emergency room visit

Walk-In For Immediate Treatment

As a family-oriented urgent care location, we strive to provide quick, affordable care for all your minor to moderate injuries and illnesses. We also offer on-site X-ray and medical lab services, so you get your results before you leave. Our medical facility is conveniently located on Route 35 in Wall Township, NJ, and we’re open seven days a week. Walk-ins are always welcome, but you can also contact us at 732-280-2600 to schedule an appointment today.