Access Medical Care On Demand Through Wellness Care Services

cheerful woman being examined

You may think urgent care centers only treat issues that come up so last-minute that they prevent making an appointment. Here at Coastal Urgent Care, we also provide routine medical care through wellness care services. The next time you need to see a doctor or healthcare professional, keep Coastal Urgent Care in mind.

Wellness Care In An Urgent Care Setting

Coastal Urgent Care offers several types of wellness care you can take advantage of when you don’t have a personal physician or can’t get in to see them as quickly as you need. The benefits of using our facility include access to healthcare professionals on the weekend, which most other types of doctors offices do not provide, as well as walk-in access without the need for an appointment. If you need access to a test, inoculation, physical or non-emergent service and want the convenience of an urgent care center, visit us today.

Medical Care Offered On-Site

One of the primary medical care services we offer to non-acute patients is physicals. If you need a camp, employment, school, sports or Department of Transportation physical, we can accommodate you whenever you are available to come in. Our wellness care offerings include the TB skin testing required as a part of many pre-employment routines. We also offer testing for STDs. If you need a tetanus booster because it’s been 10 years since your last shot or you’ve come into contact with a corroded piece of metal, we can accomplish that as well.

Other Services Offered

Coastal Urgent Care offers many medical services to residents of and visitors to the Jersey Shore. We can work with you to address different forms of acute illnesses and injuries, including infections, breathing issues, sprains, cuts, abrasions, coughs, bites and stings. If you suffer from allergies, we can treat you either seasonally or year-round. We also perform occupational medicine services, including drug screening, worker’s comp evaluations and treatments for chemical exposure and foreign body removal.

Access Expert Medical Care For All Your Wellness Needs

Contact us at 732-280-2600 today to learn more about our practice or ask questions about insurance coverage or financial arrangements. Then, when you’re ready, simply walk into our Wall, NJ, facility and register with the front desk and we’ll take care of your wellness needs as soon as possible.