Work Physicals in Wall, NJ

Work Physicals in Wall NJ

When you’re starting a new job or after an injury or illness that keeps you home from work, your employer might ask you to get a physical exam to make sure you’re healthy. Several safety-related professions, such as bus drivers, airline pilots and paramedics, require you to demonstrate your physical fitness for operating heavy machinery, while other jobs are so physically demanding they require physical agility and strength tests. Coastal Urgent Care of Wall, NJ, has a staff of licensed and experienced physicians who offer physicals for work that satisfy most employers’ needs.

Physicals for Work at A New Job

Physicals for work at a new job are usually done for two reasons: to make sure you’re safe on the job and to ensure the safety of others who are counting on you. In the first category, a physically demanding job, such as warehouse work or construction, may require you to demonstrate overall good health and balance, as well as testing the strength of specific muscle groups.

In the second category, work physicals for the safety of customers and the public, the examination may include diabetes testing and screening for good hearing and color vision. If you’re starting a new job as an EMT, a firefighter, a police officer or another public safety worker, your employer may need both kinds of tests done, to make sure you’re physically up to the job and that the people you work with are also safe in your care.

Work Physicals After an Injury

Some employers ask for physicals even when you’ve been on the job for a while. This can be an annual requirement, or it can be a special request after injury or illness has kept you home for an extended period. In many cases, insurers require the physical before you can get back on the job.

Coastal Urgent Care has licensed and experienced physicians on duty who can administer any kind of work physical you need. In the privacy of our office, we can give you all the physical tests your employer is asking for, including blood work, drug tests and neurological examinations. We comply with all medical privacy laws, and our report passes along only the information your employer has a right to know. We’re also usually available on short notice, so you can come in for your physical immediately after your successful job interview. To cut your wait time even further, give us a call at (732) 280-2600 and schedule an appointment for your work physical today.