Fast and Accurate X-Ray Services

X-Ray Services in Wall NJ

X-ray imaging is one of the most powerful tools doctors have for diagnosing and treating bone injuries. Even a minor fracture to a bone can cause a lot of pain and interfere with your daily routine. The x-ray services we offer at Coastal Urgent Care reveal the extent of your injuries and help our doctors craft a treatment plan that can have you up and back at your normal routine as quickly as you can heal.

Types of Bone Injuries

The adult human body has 206 bones, and just about any one of them could break under stress. Sports, hard work and even normal daily activities can all cause fractures, which lead to pain and sometimes disability. If you think you may have broken a bone, it’s important to get medical attention right away. Expert x-ray services can identify the site and type of bone injury you’ve suffered, which informs the rest of the treatment process. Bones can break in several ways, many of which call for special interventions to treat. Some of the more common types of fractures include:

  • Stable fractures, where the broken ends of the bone line up and remain close together
  • Open fractures, which might pierce the skin
  • Transverse fractures, which typically have horizontal fracture lines
  • Oblique fractures, where the bone has broken at an angle
  • Comminuted fractures, where the bone is in three or more pieces
  • Greenstick fractures, which aren’t complete breaks, but layers of bone are splintered

These injuries are all best diagnosed with a simple x-ray of the area, followed by viewing of the images by a qualified professional. Coastal Urgent Care has trained staff in-house who can accurately diagnose and expertly treat your injured bones.

X-Ray Services as A Diagnostic Tool

Our x-ray services are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. We know you’re in pain, so we get you into the x-ray room as quickly as possible and get the necessary images fast. The sooner we have the pictures, the sooner we can start treatment. Our qualified x-ray technicians use their skill and experience at the job to get accurate images the first time and to make sure the angles and exposure produce the most informative image possible for the doctor. This helps ensure your healing journey starts with accurate, reliable information informing your treatment decisions.

If you think you may have injured a bone, there’s no reason to delay treatment. Call (732) 280-2600 for the earliest appointment we can set for you, or make your way into our Wall, NJ location and ask for our x-ray services right away.